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Year 11 chemistry revision

year 11 chemistry revision

The purpose of the Exam Excellence Program (EXP) is to ensure students perform at their peak when sitting the final HSC exam, so as not to lose unnecessary marks due to: Exam pressure, lack of exam style exposure and familiarity with questions.
Supported with illustrations from past year papers.Circle, underline or highlight the important information/data in the question.Well keep on adding more topics on daily basis and you are also free to share your suggestions on the notes.Well known cards can be set aside for a few days or weeks, but keep memorizing the others starting with not known at least three times a week until all are well known. .You will also become familiar with the exam situation and get to know your weaknesses and strengths.Revision is not just reading through the notes you made in class.Calculate your grade and see if you improve silver efex pro 2 mac serial keygen over time.State symbols, significant figures etc.) For multiple choice questions: read all answers and strike through the ones which are definitely wrong.Get together in learning groups and support each other.Boes Private Tutor.The last phase should just be pure memorization and practising past papers.In the year of 1983, the US Government launched a campaign to restore this historical figure of US?EXP answers the question, How would I go in the exam if I took it today?These notes can actually help you improve your scores!Choose the correct or most likely of the remaining ones.The EXP program gives students real time feedback in advance of the HSC exams as to the types of mistakes they may make under exam conditions.

Sulfuric acid - H2SO4).Always do the unit calculations which means writing the units next to the numbers and cancelling or multiplying them accordingly.A revision plan or calendar helps to organize the revision time effectively and ensures all subjects are covered proportionally.By identifying the types of mistakes students make during mock exams, EXP will give students the opportunity to address them before the real thing.3 4 hours should be followed by a longer break of 30 60 min.You should get the correct unit for your final answer.If you still do not understand the question or cannot come up with all the answers, do not spend any more time.Circle the functional groups in an organic formula and name them.When you have finished all questions, go back to the ones you had problems with.