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Windows 8 start screen editor

windows 8 start screen editor

Click the Personalize category, click Start screen, formula 1 pc game full version and select your background image and color scheme.
Windows 8 ModernUI Start Screen Changer is a tool to change your default Windows 8 Start Screen Background.
For example, youll find the same Pin to Start Screen option in Google Chromes menu.This tool allows you to patch imageres.(Long-press the tile if youre using a touch screen.).Of course, if you dont want a tile on your Start screen at all, you can click the Unpin from Start button instead.To arrange tiles into a group, drag and drop them youll see areas of space in between groups while dragging and dropping.Dll file which holds the pictures that StartScreen uses, it will replace the last resource (PNG file) which is a flat one color picture with the one you like.Right-click an app and select Pin to Start to put it on your Start screen.With a few tweaks, the Start screen can be something approximating a full-screen Start menu one that doesnt encourage you to use any of the Windows 8 (dont call it Metro!) apps if you dont want to use them.To pin a website to your Start screen, navigate to the website and use the Add site to Start Screen option in your browsers menu.Unpin all the tiles you dont want to see by right-clicking each and using the Unpin button, and then pin all your favorite apps.Folders and websites will appear on your Start screen as tiles, just like other shortcuts.(If youre using a touch screen, you can access the charms bar by swiping in from the right.).If you dont want this noise cluttering your Start screen, you can right-click a tile and click Turn live tile off.You can control the size of each tile yourself.Change the Background Color, if the Start screens default flat blue-purple color and sparse background doesnt do it for you, you can change the Start screens background and colors.The name and logo of Softonic are registered trademarks of softonic international.A.

Disable or Enable Live Tiles, some tiles provide live, updated information.Each name will appear on the Start screen, allowing you to categorize your tiles, apps, and shortcuts.To change this setting, move your mouse to the top or bottom left corners of your screen or press the WinKeyC shortcut to reveal the charms bar.The tile will show only the apps name you can click it to open the app and view the information at your leisure.To pin a folder to your Start screen, right-click it in the File Explorer window and select Pin to Start.Pin Folders Websites, you can also pin shortcuts to folders and websites to your Start screen.Read more stories, laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.Click the Settings charm and click Change PC settings.