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Tekken 5 ps2 save game

tekken 5 ps2 save game

X button while making your character selection to play as Panda instead.
Buy all the extra costumes for Cristy Montero custom mode.Bruce Irvin : Beat Story Mode 4 times.To play movies in Theater Mode You have to beat idm 6.18 keygen and patch Story Mode with the character you want to unlock the movie for (that's self-explanatory).Ling (School Girl Win 50 Versus matches, and press right-punch to select Ling.Beat Story Mode with any character.Go start a new Devil Within or Stage Select.Devil Jin: Complete Devil Within mini-game, or fight 200 matches.
Collect it and continue to beat Stage 4 to unlock Star Blade.

If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click edit and add.Heihachi: Beat Story, Battle or Time Attack mode 8 times.Go to the first room in Stage 4-2, there is a breakable wall underneath the higher ledge.There will be a spaceship from Star Blade in the middle of the room.Submitted by - jin kazama P Alternate icons for vlc media player method: complete story mode with everyone else and devil jin will be selectable.There will be some tiles appear after the wall is destroyed.Btw the save is in max drive format, use windows xp home edition sp2 serial code ps2 save converter to convert it to whatever format you want.Mokujin: Beat Story, Battle or Time Attack mode 7 times.P Submitted by - xshivax P Alternate method: You can also beat the game with every character and play more than about 200 games in Story Mode.
Transform to Devil Jin and press L1 square to blast at the wall.