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Rosario vampire capu2 episode 10

rosario vampire capu2 episode 10

Pissed off at not being able to find her visual studio 2010 ultimate product key serial crack bat, Kokoa decides to beat Kou into a bloody pulp once he comes back from where ever he's gone.
He thinks to himself that the first step of his "plan" is complete.
Kurumu suggests a cooking column while Yukari wants to put her tarot predictions.In class, Tsukune notices that the girls are being very friendly to Kotaro, not knowing they're under Kotaro's spell.I want your love, to take it prisoner.Tsukune notices his friends among them and tries approaching them.Kotaro continues singing "Je t'aime" repeatedly as Ruby,.However, Kurumu's breasts are preventing her from lifting the basket properly, making them drop.All the while, she notices that the school is empty, but seems to ignore the several posters announcing Kotaro's concert.Running after a ball, Kurumu meets Kotaro, who utters "Je t'aime asking her to show him the real her.Pain-dazed he tries to mention the showdown time, weakly say he'd never thought he'd call it on himself, reverts to bat form and passes out.Moka notices this and musters all her will power to dance over to them.Nekonome, Mizore, Yukari, Kurumu and Moka apologize to Tsukune in their minds, saying they'd like to help him, but they can't control their actions.Contents show, a transfer student named Ijuuin Kotaro quickly becomes popular among the female students at Yokai.

All three immediately fall in love with him.Moka yells for Kokoa not to listen, in her mind.She is also baffled and scared.Tsukune runs from Ruby and jumps at Kotaro.However, it fails three times; he realizes vampires are "a tough nut to crack" and says "Je t'aime" a fourth time (the color of the spell turned from yellow to red, showing his increase of determination or power partially making her fall for him.Ruby laughs maniacally as Kotaro continues his song.Inside, Moka sucks Tsukune's blood, much to the anger of the rest of the newspaper club.Why the hell would I want to be by his side?
(falls under Kotaro's spell) Take me now.
It aired on December 3, 2008 in Japan.