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Quick chart excel 2010

quick chart excel 2010

Quick Chart Creator is great for anyone who wants to serif pageplus x6 v16.0.0.19 see their data graphically.
Download a trial versions now! Also you can differentiate the points on the line exemplary damages under english law - for example: the first set of data on a row may represent actual results and the second set future projections.Now, construct just one chart and by clicking on up and down buttons you can change from one data row to another.Helpfully, formats which dont make sense get greyed out, so you cant use fill colour for lines, which reminds you that the formatting option for outline applies to any element which consists only of lines, such as the axis, gridlines and. The comment also is updated to reflect the comment (optional) for the data being graphed.You can even have the trend line apply only to the actual data points. It is a great management tool for auditing performance versus goals or for viewing trends in data.What are your favourite time-saving tips?Have you discovered other small but valuable features of Office 2010 (or earlier versions)?I just discovered a minor enhancement to chart controls in Excel 2010 that makes a really big difference in terms of how long it takes to quickly add the formatting I need.Quick Chart Creator toolbar.When you right click something in your chart you see the usual right click menu as with Excel 2007 but now you also get the floating mini-bar above it as shown below (click for larger version).The following illustrates a typical Quick Chart. The non-solid dots are estimates.
(I am not suggesting the formatting of the final version is better, in fact the opposite is probably true, I simply wanted to make several changes to demonstrate the new feature).
Now press F11 on keyboard to quickly create a chart.

It is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, and Office 365.If you want to rapidly change the colours or borders of various things, make the gridlines and plot area bodoni std book italic less obvious, alter the fonts of data labels or axes and other quick changes, you can do all of this without ever leaving this mini-bar area.On the right hand end of this you can see the selected element (Series 3 in this case) which you can then directly format, but even more usefully, you can use the drop down here to select another element, format that, then another and.Review in seconds hundreds of rows of data and dynamically focus on what is important at the time versus looking for a chart you may not have created!Key management tool for analyzing performance vs goals, use one dynamic chart vs hundreds to view all of your data.To create a chart, select the dataset against which you need to create a chart.In the above graph the solid dots represent known values.If in future you want to use the same hotkey for creating a different chart, you will have to change the default chart type.In the screenshot below you can see I have made all sorts of changes, including making the borders of the hidden series visible, so you can see that this waterfall chart is basically a stacked bar chart with no gaps between series, and did this.
Out of such hotkeys, take a look at one which quickly creates chart of selected dataset.