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Patch league of legends 3.11

patch league of legends 3.11

Q cooldown decreased at furia games 360 de jogos para xbox 360 early ranks, increased at rank.
Were also fixing some of the bugs and interactions around Purge and Disdain, making Urgot behave a little more like youd expect him to when hes locked on and blasting his enemies.
We've patched one particular instance but a complete fix for this will take much longer due to the highly technical nature.
Yorick Omen of Famine Cast range reduced to 500 from 550.Players can now undo recent transactions within the in game item shop Undo history is cleared under certain events such as leaving the shopping area, dealing damage, receiving damage, or casting a spell Items will remove benefits they granted you when undone, such as gold.Soraka's Consecration) Spectator Mode Team Fight UI Context: Weve developed a new Team Fight UI for spectator mode that minimizes and concentrates the UI so that its easier to focus on the action during team fights.Le délai de récupération d'Augure de Famine passe à 8 (au lieu de 10/9/8/7/6).Nous travaillons actuellement à un correctif complet.At some point during patch.17, well update match history to be consistent with a change to Riots API policy.We are still investigating a fix for this.Minions will now disappear from the map sooner after their death.This in turn affects stuff like ChoGaths ult and Locket of the Iron Solaris shield, hence us pulling the fix up into its own section.This change to his silence duration should bring him in line while still allowing him to remain competitive.It doesnt need to scale nearly so well into the late game on top of that.Yorick Contexte : en solo, Yorick peut tomber sur de solides adversaires, mais s'il n'est pas assez bien contré, il peut très facilement écraser son adversaire direct.Passive - Sunlight mark duration.5 seconds.5 seconds damage 20-105 (at levels 1-18) 25-144 (at levels 1-18) Q - Shield of Daybreak cooldown 9/8/7/6/5 seconds 6 seconds Maokai Passive can no longer proc off of wards.Never mind Switching item sets in-game also switches your preferred item slot settings.
(These numbers don't take base health into account since that portion of Stoneplate's bonus wasn't bugged.) Items can be assigned to specific item slots in your item sets!
With these changes, hell still have plenty of killing power, but his enemies will have a chance to react and dish some damage back.

2 weeks ago, patch.20 notes.Undocumented Changes Champions Thresh Death Sentence There is now.5 second delay before Thresh can activate Death Leap.Les bouts sont maintenant crédités à quiconque est le plus proche d'eux au cas où Zac et un champion ennemi sont tous les deux présents (au lieu d'aller automatiquement à Zac).Udyr, posture du phénix, l'enchantement de Posture du phénix affiche désormais un compteur pour la prochaine attaque du phénix d'Udyr.Le délai de récupération de Cyclone passe à 120/110/100 (au lieu de 120/105/90).Flame ON Orrn's movement speed reduction from.Udyr Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance's buff now displays a timer for Udyr's next Phoenix Breath attack.La durée de révélation et de réduction de l'armure/de la résistance magique par Guérilla est réduite à 6 secondes (au lieu de 12).Clicking the grid icon lets you assign a preferred slot for that item to occupy.Base Stats base attack speed.644.651 W - Living Shadow shadow duration.5 seconds 5 seconds Ardent Censer Attack speed buff and health drain buff decreased.For more information, check the Developer Portal.
Résumé : les ennemis ont maintenant un peu moins de mal à empêcher Zac de récupérer ses bouts.