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Osananajimi wa daitouryou game

osananajimi wa daitouryou game

The Flare House is similar to the Snow House except it is sustained and kept by Irina Vladimirovna Putina, the president of Rusia.
2, settings and Locations edit, the majority of the game's events and scenarios occur in the United States of Nippon, which is being controlled by Yukino, who was brainwashed to believe she is the president.
He likes girls and often gets beat up for his sexual harassment.Junichiro embarrasses her often with perverted comments, that causes her to blush more than mildly.Despite his appearance, Saionji is a colleague of Guardian.Joseph is the potential main antagonist in the series.His personality is that of a sociable, bright, and unabashed pervert with an honest heart.Her identity is made top secret, and she protects the president and her cabinet as an SP agent in government.Comments.0, jAST's official release, platinum.7.29 1 0, back).She is the person that recommended Yukino to become student council president.
3 Starship Ezekiel Wezekieru ) Voiced by: Miru (aka Oma Ichimura ) Starship Ezekiel (called "Ell is a state-of-the-art UFO designed to take the appearance and actions of a young girl whilst upholding the task of protecting the other characters.

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Nakayama Mato provides all of the lyrics arrangements for the following songs.As a mysterious woman with an obscure private life, she also works part-time at a Chinese restaurant while serving as Yukino's Chief of Staff.She is very proud of Ell, due to her being her latest and most productive creation, she is fond of Junichiro ohsas 18002 of 2007 pdf and loves to tease him in situations where he's at conflict with himself, but also helps him in situations where he is with any.It is revealed in Ell's route that she is jealous of Ell, because Ku Little Little takes more pride in her newer creation, Starship Ezekiel.Most of the gameplay is spent reading the text along the bottom, with a character sprite or event CG supporting.She chooses to get close to Junichiro and take care of him in order to understand the love thats awakening inside of her.She is also a childhood friend of the Junichir who lives near his house, and is one year older.
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