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Liberty basic serial 4.04

liberty basic serial 4.04

Move the cursor (caret) one character to the left, and scroll the display horizontally (if necessary) to ensure that the cursor remains visible.
If the statement transfers control into a function or subroutine 'Step into' will cause execution to pause within that module.
The left, MID or right functions and it is giving unexpected results, try selecting Emulate Slicing in the Options menu.In that case LB4 returns an empty string.Color color Sets the color used to draw lines or text.SQR(numeric) Returns the square-root of the specified (non-negative) value.On selecting OK, or pressing Enter, the text cursor (caret) is positioned at the start of the specified line (the editor scrolls if necessary).Alternatively pressing ShiftF10 causes the context menu to appear at the position of the text cursor (caret).The mainwin can hold only about 84 lines of text; if more lines are output the remainder will be 'scrolled off' the top of the window and lost.It is not compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows.If a class inherits properties and/or methods, its parent class must be defined first.Horizscrollbar on off livro interchange 2 workbook min max Enables or disables the horizontal scrollbar, and optionally specifies the scroll range.

Clicking on one of the arrow buttons causes the display to scroll in units of one character (horizontally) or one line (vertically).Exit FOR while DO function SUB Forces a premature exit from a FOR loop, while loop, DO loop, function or SUB.Exe (rather as LB's TKN files must be executed using RUN404.exe ).To resolve this recast the code as nested multi-line IFs.Set Font The Set Font command selects the font used to display the basic program on the screen.You may compile your program as a Console Application,.g.VAL(string) Convert the specified string to a numeric value.Options slicing This directive enables full emulation of the LB string-slicing functions, overriding (and changing if necessary) the current selection in the Options menu ; it should normally be inserted at or near the start of the program.Gosub destination Calls a subroutine.
' Step over ' causes execution to pause again only on the next line, so if the statement transfers control into a function or subroutine it will run at full speed until it returns, and if the statement terminates a loop (e.g.