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German shorthaired pointer breed standard uk

german shorthaired pointer breed standard uk

Too much pressure placed on their joints and spines at an early age could result in a dog developing serious problems later in their lives.
Bellies are nicely tucked.
Ask about the breeders policy in cases of serious genetic diseases occurring to your puppy in later life.Because of this inbuilt desire, owners of GSPs need to make sure that they train their dogs to recall to the whistle, stop (drop) to the whistle (to stop chasing and hunting onwards as well as the usual basic obedience commands.Dogs that boast having a lot of energy need to be kept busy mentally and physically to be truly happy, well-balanced characters when they live in a home environment.Forelegs straight and lean, sufficiently muscular and strong but not coarse-boned.Undocked: Moderately long, not reaching below hocks.Females tend to show vsphere web client 6.0 a more dominant side to their natures than their male counterparts which needs to be gently curbed when a dog is still young and before it develops into a real problem.The German Shorthaired Pointer has a strong jaw with a perfect scissor bite where their upper teeth neatly overlap their lower ones.When choosing a puppy - keep them in mind.Highly intelligent dogs do well when they take part in "obedience training" and other canine activities where they get to use their brains while at the same time having a great workout.Forequarters, shoulders sloping and very muscular, top of shoulder blades close; upper arm bones, between shoulder and elbow, long.Head and Skull, balanced in proportion to body.It's best to feed a mature dog twice a day, once in the morning and then again memory card data recovery software key in the evening, making sure it's good quality food that meets all their nutritional requirements.Bitches 58cm - 63cm (22 " to 24 and dog 62cm - 66cm (22 " -.If too much wax is allowed to build up, it can lead to a painful infection which can be hard to clear.
Head and Skull, clean-cut, neither too light nor too heavy, well proportioned to body.

This is for a dog, which is required to work all day, hunting in all terrain.For further advice please read our article on Keeping Children Safe around Dogs.The exercise requirement for this breed is as much as you want to do - When young, exercise should be balanced, on lead and some free running - to produce a strong, healthy adult - not a shelly one whose food has gone into too.Their ears are set high being broad and hanging close to a dog's head without having a pronounced fold in them.Their front legs are lean, straight and well-muscled without showing too much bone.Cancer: mammary carcinoma; nasal carcinoma, hemivertebrae (abnormally shaped vertebrae causing spinal cord compression, hind limb weakness and pain).
Concave or dished muzzle, such as one sees in Pointers is undesirable.
It is not considered good behaviour to have a dog that chases deer.