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Galactic civilizations 2 keygen

galactic civilizations 2 keygen

University maintenance increased from 2.
Shrine of Tandis now gives a 10 morale bonus civ-wide.Mind Control Center moved to Concept of Malice.Neutrality Learning Center cost increased from 500 to 1000.Super Spy Training Center, Temple of Espionage, and Oracle of Krynn are now special projects.Drengin suffer a 50 penalty to trade techs; and a 100 penalty to diplomatic techs.Healing Pools now requires Planetary Improvements; cost decreased from 300 to 100.Stellar Forge and Cathedral of Valor are now special projects Arceans now gain a 20 bonus to Hull and Logistics research Arceans now gain: 15 HP from Superior Hulls (up from 10) 20 HP from Master Hull Building (up from 15) 15 HP from Reinforced.Starting techs changed to: Glorious History, Fusion Reactors, HyperDrive, Industrial Revolution, Stellar Cartography, Traditional Research, Capitalism and Basic Space Construction.Various weapons rebalancing, plus much much more adjustments.Festival of Capitalism, Mercenary Academy and Freighter Command are now special projects Korx gain a 20 bonus to economic research Drath Legion Changed default alignment from 75 to 50 Now starts as the Populists political party Starts with: 25 Espionage (up from 0) and.
Advanced Philosophy now requires University, enhanced Adaptation cost increased to 150/450/600.

Miniaturization techs bonuses updated to be better.Cd key Galactic Civilizations 2: Ultimate Edition.(hfpujdjh j Dungeon Keeper 3).Drath gain a 20 bonus to diplomatic research Thalan Empire Now starts as the Technologists political party Starts with: -50 Population Growth (increased from -30 40 Loyalty and 12 Logistics (up from 6) Starting techs changed to: Fusion Reactors, HyperDrive, Stellar Cartography, New Propulsion, ayakashi ghost guild hack no Artificial.Merchant Trade Complexes cost increased from 800 to 1100.Memory: 4 GB RAM, graphics: 1 GB DirectX.1 Video Card.Galactic Civilization II: Ultimate Edition includes the best-selling and award-winning space strategy game 'Galactic.Graft of Ages is now a special project New invasion tactic added (version of Information Warfare) Korath suffer a 50 penalty to trade techs and a 200 penalty to diplomacy research Krynn Consulate Now starts as the Universalists political party Starts with: -15 Research (decreased.Drengin Empire, now starts game as War Party political party.DirectX: Version 10, storage: 10 GB available space, sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card.
Hyperion Packages cost increased from 10.
Space Weapons no longer grants a Military bonus.