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(gk at gknw dot de, Arnaud) Fixed mounam sammadham serial full episode bug #43053 (Regression: some numbers shown in scientific notation).
(Wez) Fixed bug #32755 (Segfault in replaceChild when DocumentFragment has no children).
(Tony) Fixed bug #36400 (Custom 5xx error does not return correct photoshop elements tutorials text http response error code).Fixed bug #62024 (Cannot insert second row with null using parametrized query).(Dmitry) Fixed bug #38579 include_once may include the same file twice).(Gustavo) DOM extension: Implemented FR #39771 (Made domdocument:savehtml accept an optional domnode like domdocument:saveXML).Fixed bug #68355 (Inconsistency in example i comments).Fixed bug #51800 (proc_open on Windows hangs forever).

(Ilia) Fixed bug #47109 (Memory leak on a- "a"."b" when a is not an object).Fixed bug #61828 (Memleak when calling Directory(Recursive)Iterator /Spl(Temp)FileObject ctor twice).(Scott) Added a new "entries" array in dns_check_record containing the TXT elements.(Greg) Added Reflection API metadata for the methods of the DOM classes.(Shane) Fixed dirname and strip_tags to be binary-safe.Fixed bug #64934 (Apache2 TS crash with get_browser.(Felipe) Fixed bug #49730 (Firebird - new PDO returns null).
(Ilia) Fixed bug #36492 (Userfilters can leak buckets).
(Rasmus) Fixed a possible double free in imap extension (Identified by Mateusz Kocielski).