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Diet coke and mentos experiment independent variable

diet coke and mentos experiment independent variable

If you shake a bottle av voice changer crack or can of soda, some of the gas comes out of the solution and the bubbles cling to the inside walls of the container.
Using the balloon, these bubbles can be captured, and the amount of CO2 can be measured.But, bubbles dont form spontaneously because the water molecules keep the CO2 molecules trapped in its weak structure (connected by hydrogen bonds).Open the bottle and dip the thermometer down into the soda.Copper has a density.9g/cm3 and will immediately sink in water.There are two safe ways to warm the other bottle of soda.Youll want to purchase three bottles of Diet Coke and several rolls of Mentos.This is why at the bottling plant carbon dioxide is pumped into the cans or bottles when the fluid is very coldaround 35 degrees Fahrenheit.A friend or parent with a video camera is a great way to watch and document the results of your experiment, but youll also need some specific measurements or data.Item, regular Coke, diet Coke, water 335g 335g.You might tibetan book of the dead audio have used the test tube method while someone else made a tube out of notebook paper.Subtract the remaining amount of liquid from the original volume of the bottle to calculate the volume of the explosion.Its best to stick with one brand of soda for the entire test.Push the trigger pin through the holes and load one Mentos into the tube.Remember that 1 L is equivalent to 1000.In scientific terms, What is the effect of the brand of soda on the height of the geyser?Record the temperature on your data table.
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The experiment was done to compare the difference in densities between regular Coke and Diet Coke.This is the reason why hydrogen inflated balloons will float in the air.This is a great topic for a science fair project, but youll need lots of soda and Mentos and a few friends to help record all of the data.The dependent variable is whether the can will float or sink in water.The colder the liquid, the more gas can be dissolved in that liquid.Observation is made to ascertain whether the cans float or sink in the water - these observations are recorded in the table below.Constants: Surrounding temperature, type of soda used, amount of soda used per trial.