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Computer hardware interview questions with answers pdf

computer hardware interview questions with answers pdf

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There are three different combinations: 1) one hot, one neutral, and ground: 110V circuit.
Is This Answer Correct?41 Yes0.An electrician needs to complete school and spend years (or the equivalent of several thousand working hours) as an apprentice before he even becomes eligible for a jquery ajax post serialized form php license.Post Your Answer 8 : What is Button?There is no difference.A Firewall is software that blocks unauthorized users from connecting to your computer.Fuses contain a narrow strip of metal which is designed to melt (safely) when the current exceeds the rated value, thereby interrupting the power to the circuit.View Answer, discuss in Forum, workspace, report.Use a licensed application blocker pro full electrician with experience in older homes or property.
Refer to our page on the NEC for more details.

In general, there is no requirement to upgrade older dwellings, though there are some exceptions (ie: smoke detectors in some cases).And there's the NEC Handbook, which contains the authorized commentary' on the code, as well as the full text.It is an installation, in the form of a single file.Post Your Answer 4 : What is computer impersonation?Analyze the vendor package (Tech Review).User Variable (Available for that particular user).A safety switch is a device fitted to the property supply that cuts out electricity almost instantly in the event of a significant power leak or surge.The bios is stored on a ROM (Read-Only Memory) computer chip inside the computer.Windows Installer configuration commands operate only on Features (installing, advertising, Uninstalling).
Of course a password is useless if you forget it, but remember that using your birth date or name makes you an easy target for hackers.