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Boot partition linux primary or logical

boot partition linux primary or logical

Init Process Executes the system to boot into the run level as specified in /etc/inittab Sample output defining the default boot runlevel inside /etc/inittab # Default runlevel.
Thats where the extended partition comes into play. .
First, the machine will number based on all primary partitions, and then by logical ones. .Since this machine has a 512 MB of RAM, Ive approximated.5 times that, and designated it as swap area. .Also note that Ive stuck this at the end of the disk, which will help keep disk seeking times at a minimum. .This will give you some free space to work with.What Scheme Should I Use?There is no limit to the number of logical partitions that a disk can contain, but they are limited only to user data, not cara game god of war 2 pc operating systems like with a primary partition.The first step is to partition the hard disk drive again to create another LVM partition, you can repeat the sames steps shown in the Partitioning section.A larger partition for personal sql server 2008 r2 express memory limit per instance use, mounted as /home.It may not be physically accurate, but you can accept it as though it were.The command that we will use to create a physical volume is the pvcreate command, Figure 2 shows the command used to create a physical volume using the /dev/sda1 partition.Dividing a hard drive into partitions is helpful for a number of reasons but is necessary for at least one: to make the drive available to an operating system.The reason for this is because the filesystem has not been resized to occupy the new space, the command we can use to resize the ReiserFS filesystem is resize_reiserfs.Creating a Physical volume The first step that we need to do is create a physical volume.The way Linux works is that it puts everything onto a tree. .If you dont plan on installing more than three OSs, you can just make it primary for simplicitys sake.Local (regardless of run level). .

Grub (GRand Unified Boot loader this loads the kernel in 3 stages.Creating a Logical volume Once the volume group has been successfully created you will need to create a logical volume.For more on this.Primary, Extended, and Logical Partitions Any partition that has an operating system installed to it is called a primary partition.If you have plenty of memory, you can skimp on it, although some distributions of Linux have a problem going into standby or hibernating without much swap. .Once you have successfully created the LVM you can repeat the steps again to create the second LVM which we will use later in this article.The LVM website explains more about LVMs advanced features that were not explained in this article such as; creating snapshots, mirroring (similar to raid1 striping(similar to raid0) and may others.