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Ark survival evolved guide

ark survival evolved guide

Corpses : picks result in more meat and hatchets obtain Hide, Chitin and Keratin (use Wooden Club to harvest more organic polymer on Kairuku ).
To get around 20 meat and hide, kill Phiomia as they don't fight back, it is also an easy source of experience.If you look off into the distance, you will probably notice some large floating structures as well as some beams of light coming off the ground.Ideally, knock them out in as few headshots as possible by using a slingshot, or more advanced methods like Tranquilizer Arrows or even Tranquilizer Darts.It is always a good idea to have 2 or 3 strong dinos around your base to protect the weaker ones.The few predators that are present can easily be seen from a good distance.You're going to need to tame a selection of dinosaurs, such as some for the transportation by land, sea and or air, the ability to gather meat, hide, wood, thatch and berries and overall, protect your base when you're offline.The video above describes North Zone 1, South Zone 1, West Zone 1, and West Zone 2 as your best spawn points for avoiding pesky carnivores.Just don't eat Narcoberries in quantities above 3 or 4, they'll put you to sleep.One method has been found to reduce tame times, it is linked as the following Taming#Taming Hints.Green requires level 15, blue requires level 25, purple requires level.In a Preserving Bin or Refrigerator ) starving the carnivore down enough to eat multiple Primes at once, will reduce loss.None of them weight much and can save you a trip back before expected.
Creating, bolas as soon as you can can allow you to attack and kill dinos that run (such.
Those beams of light are what you should pay attention.

While "necessary" for taming dinosaurs, you can sacrifice Taming effectiveness by using a Wooden Club, which cause little damage while adding about 8 Torpor per hit.For more guide content on Indie Obscura, be sure to check out our.Inland rivers and lakes are often filled with.Check out, ark Survival Evolved on Steam.Stones can be found scattered about the ground.Note: Food draining (starving an unconscious dino before feeding it) does not actually reduce the time to tame, since bricks breaking hex game the time it takes to drain food compensates for the time you save when feeding.This allows you to constantly have a source of water for drinking and cooling down, and depending on where you are, fish to eat.Certain settings can vastly change how the game plays, and information found on this wiki may not be completely accurate on servers that don't use the default settings.Rocks : picks harvest more flint while hatchets get more stone.When taming, each dino has it's preferred food; most of them prefer Kibble over any other food, carnivores prefer Raw Prime Meat, and herbivores prefer Mejoberries.
Always try to leave your dinos in a relative safe place when you travel or you enter a cave, especially if you count on them for a quick escape.