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Amnesia text based game

amnesia text based game

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.
Suggest a game Polls The following polls include votes for Amnesia : A Poll About.
DOS Version, apple II Version, commodore 64 Version, similar games.Also of note are the game's simulationist tendencies, with gta punjab games pc the main character's need for money, food and sleep making up a large portion of the gameplay.The room contains just one item, but again, there's more to it than that.My Abandonware Adventure Amnesia, description of Amnesia, this is a lengthy and complex IF based on an intriguing premise: waking up one day, you suddently find yourself having an amnesia, with no recollection of who you are.But this is minor.Journey, by Marc Blank Average member rating: (18 ratings) Have you mettle enough to make siege on the Dread Lord himself?.We shall see.Most of them are street corners or parts of the Manhattan subway system (both of these are completely programmed into the game although there are a number of buildings and New York landmarks for the player to visit.With a vocabulary of about 1700 words and a multiple-sentence parser with plenty of synonyms, you'll very rarely need to hunt for a word.Please vote for games where the player-protagonist-person is dealing with a bout of forgetfulness (usually about who.The writing has all of Disch's trademark cynical humour, and the story is highly compelling (once one forgives it the use of the titular trope, which one surely must in a game over twenty years old).Amnesia blends a Hitchcockian wrong-man scenario with the setting of a paranoid thriller from the mid-70s, spiking it all with a somewhat satirical take on New York City in the mid-1980s., tobias Carroll, see the full review, pC Gamer.A captivating and well-written game, but very difficult.Dual Transform, by Andrew Plotkin Average member rating: (83 ratings) This game takes place in a single room but not always the same one.A lost interactive fiction classic though?Captures and Snapshots, close, comments and reviews, download Amnesia.

You can help with a small donation: you choose the amount.That means lots of empty streets and unused locations, with puzzles little more than doing Stuff until the villains finally decide Balls to this, well just tell you whats going on and try to shoot you.Its main problem beyond the instant deaths is that the mystery it sets up isnt really one that can play out properly on the streets of New York, not just because the actual conspiracy happens.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible.I don't buy that for an instant.It undoubtedly merits a "cruel" on the zarfian scale, with several places where death can occur for no apparent reason, and an unclued timing puzzle which can leave the game in an unwinnable state; all of this in the game's intro section!It can be somewhat linear at times, and the parser lacks many of the luxuries we have come to expect, but perhaps the worst of its flaws is its unpredictability.